sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2013

Druid's Incantation

Druid's Incantation

There is, there is,
A way within the trees,
The growth lies in thorns
And fed by the storms.

Those animals and elementals
Who works on the nature's way.
The magnificent beings
In their perfection and singings.

In middle of the savage woods
There is a man at an advanced age.
He calls himself as a mage
And with the sylphs he lives.

The rain, the wind, the sings,
He loves it all in the way they are.
At his big house, the florest,
The man and the nature blends.

Without game and without tricks
He talks with them without words.
Linked by souls they yell out loud
As they enchants and then sings.

As time goes to the darkest time,
The beautiful might, full of lights,
They cleanse the world and eyesight,
Preparing the very end of the night.

To the rebirth of those of gaia,
Into the new time of light,
As the Moon gives place to Sun,
As Nuit's gives life to another day.

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